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March 18- March 24

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The Head of Campus Ministry suggests that giving out condoms encourages date rape- by ceotto21

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[Catholic University Students for Choice] provides students with free condoms, as well as information about contraceptives, STD testing, and even rides to Planned Parenthood. Any student who is caught providing these services is not only subject to disciplinary action but may also be publicly shamed by University officials.

2 Year Anniversary of the Affordable Care Act — What’s In It for Young People?- by AFY_Sarah

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Not all health plans cover contraception and even if they do, sometimes co-pays are too high to make contraception accessible. In fact, one study showed that more than half of young women experienced a time when they could not afford to use their birth control consistently.
Well, this is about to get better. Starting in August, plans will be required to not only cover contraception, but cover it with no co-pay.

Media Justice Beings Early: Children’s Books- by Media_Justice

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As I prepare to become a Tia/Auntie the first thing I looked for were books including same gender parents, mainly women. It was not an easy search. It’s not as rare as it once was, but it’s still a hunt! Because I know how challenging this can be, I’ve decided to share a list of the books I’ve found and purchased for my nephew.

A Dust Storm Over Equality in El Paso, Texas- by Olacfz

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Lost in the rhetorical crossfire over benefits for domestic partners was the actual wording used for this referendum. It asked voters to endorse “traditional family values” by limiting benefits to "city employees and their legal spouse and dependent children.” Alongside domestic partners, retired policemen, firemen and some elected officials were inadvertently stripped of their health benefits.

My turnout for the ‘Abortion Diaries’ screening- by dmpaz420

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The audience watched with enthusiasm while they learned of abortion experiences that were representing a women’s choice over her own body. After the film, the discussion was even better. The general reaction from the film was in support of a woman making her own choice when it comes to being a mother, but a lot of other questions got asked in the mix.

“Work It Out” With Your Rapist? No Way.- by ACLU

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And it gets worse. The officials at her school ultimately charged her with sexual misconduct, and sent her to the same off-campus alternative school as her rapist, where she "had to not only face him, but the bullying of others because he bragged about it."

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