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Each week, I’ll be posting a list of the most news-worthy and/or inspirational, informative, well-written, thought-provoking, and/or unique posts of the week. While every post and every contributor is valuable to our community, these are the blogs that I feel are must-reads.

January 30- February 4

Stats this week: 27 posts by 22 writers

Sommers in WaPo: Wrong about the CDC and wrong about enthusiastic consent- by AFY_EmilyB

Inside this post:

Christina Sommers recently criticized the CDC’s (accurate) definitions of rape and enthusiastic consent. What’s problematic with her viewpoint is that it is 1) dismissive of people who have been raped after they were knowingly or unknowingly using alcohol or drugs, and 2) it ignores the wants of those who do not want to participate in, or further participate in, any form of physical intimacy.

National Strategy for Black Gay Youth in America- by i_speak_out

Inside this post:

The National Youth Secretary for Youth Pride Services talks about a new project to survey “what it is like to grow up being black, gay, and young in today’s society.”

Think Before You Leap- by Amara-NycoleYouthResource

Inside this post:

Hear from a peer educator teaching high school students in North Carolina about sexuality, healthy relationships, and how to become peer educators themselves.

The Movement Stands Strong- by Amplify_Staff

Inside this post:

Julia shares how you can show your support for Planned Parenthood after the Komen Foundation’s disgraceful political decision to pull its funding from the nation’s largest women’s health care provider.

Thank you to everyone who posted a blog this week! You are part of what makes this community great!

~ Samantha
Community Editor