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April 8- April 14

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Sexual Assault Awareness Month: How To Prevent Sexual Assault- by nikki_liz

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Now is the time we see also those cute tips aimed primarily at women, telling them to curtail their behavior, or they might get raped, with the implied message that if you don’t take these tips to heart, you will be assaulted, and it will be your fault. […] So, detailed below are some tips I think are more appropriate then asking women to give up some of their independence, and are tailored to preventing sexual assault of both men and women.

California Bill numbered: SB 919- by rikkiyouthresource

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As a concerned citizen of the great State of California, I am writing you to speak out against Bill numbered SB 919 because it does not seek to educate young people about sexting, it only penalizes them when they are caught. I whole- heartedly agree that something should be done to protect young people from sexual exploitation and cyber bullying however, educating and creating awareness around the topic of sexting and how young people can prevent sexting from adversely affecting their life is crucial component that is left out.

Abortion and Jamaican Morality- by Ricaadoe

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Jamaica celebrates 50 years of political independence in August of this year; The Offences Against The Person Act is over a century old, an inheritance of our colonial past. The time has come to do away with the parts of the law which take away from our women their right to choose. No one should ever force a woman to carry to term a pregnancy she does not want to; I believe that is the true offence against the person.

The Stigma of Childlessness- by Gastonkwa

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Given the importance attached to having children and the fact that, not been able to conceive and bear children in Cameroon is often attached to witchcraft and largely seen as been a punishment from God (or a supernatural force), women who are suffering from primary or secondary infecundity are subjected to all sorts of treatments and are victims of the worst form of abuses that anyone can possibly imagine.

“Natural Resources/Unnatrual Results”: Viewing Environmental Issues with a SRHR Spin- by laurel

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The first commonality between the environment and SRHR that underlied the overexploitation of natural resources was poverty. People living in poverty do not think beyond the next meal or the next bill. They will use nature in the way they can in order to make money. Poor people also have less access to reproductive health services, generally are less educated, and in many countries, have more motivation to have more children.

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