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I am a 22 year old senior at WVU and absolutely honored to be a SafeSite for the 2013 Spring Semester!

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I created a Tumblr Post for NYHAAD, and if anyone would like to reblog it I have linked it here:  http://allie-nic0le.tumblr.com/post/47572877867/april-10th-is-national-hiv-and-aids-awareness-day

Let’s spread the awareness and get people motivated!…

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My box arrived last week, and it was initially overwhelming.  How was I supposed to distribute all these condoms on campus by myself? When will I do it? and How do I make it not seem so awkward?  Well, yesterday I made a trip to the Dollar Tree and found some awesomely cheap, yet cute, Valentine’s day zip top baggies, and heart shaped lollipops!  I got enough stuff to make about 240 treat bags for about 18 dollars!  In each bag, I’m putting in a condom, a Trojan leaflet, …