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Welcome to (the new) Amplify!

Since Amplify launched on January 1, 2009, tens of thousands of you have participated in campaigns, sent letters to legislators and other decision makers, and contributed blogs, pictures, and videos. You made Amplify the diverse, informed, engaged community that it is – and one that has over a million visitors every year. We at Advocates for Youth are awed by your commitment to youth reproductive and sexual health and rights – and honored to be a part of your activism.

That’s why it brings us such great pleasure to unveil the redesign of www.amplifyyourvoice.org.

It’s streamlined, a breeze to navigate, easier to post photos/videos/art works and more connected to social media than ever before. Just type in the “add your voice” box to get started!

This site showcases the work of Advocates for Youth’s youth activist programs, as well as that of youth activists around the United States and around the world.

And it’s still got great tools you love, like our toolkits,  online education modules,  and Take Action Center.

We’re also thrilled to introduce Amplify’s seven featured youth contributors –  Hannah, D’Laney, Nefertiti, Karlee, Emilio, Briana, and Karachi. They are motivated and talented activists who are making sure youth voices are heard online as well as in their communities.

We hope you’ll try out the site – take actions, read blogs, and of course join if you haven’t already!  We’re still in the testing phase of some features, so contact us if you have suggestions or experience problems.

And thanks for making Amplify great!

The New Amplify

We would love to hear from you about your experience using the new Amplify! Love it? Great! Something not working? Let us know so we can make it work!
  • Please include your Amplify username if you are experiencing a problem related to your account.

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