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Just wanted to share this great letter to the editor of the Washington Post, written by Natasha Vianna and published today!

When teens become parents, their lives become more hectic, and they face new challenges. Programs like the one The Post featured help us stay on track. But too many people continue to hold the misconception that supporting teen parents encourages teen pregnancy.

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  • http://profile.yahoo.com/G25CANIGCBD2FST3YDCQ2NPZEA saintcaroltobe

    I love the rapist and I love the
    woman. I am the child of a rape victim. I truly practice what I preach as a good
    Christian Roman Catholic; and I love and forgive my enemies and do good to those
    who persecute me.

    I forgive my father because he created me and literally planted the fertile
    seed enabling me to live and grow.

    I forgive my birth mother for placing
    me in a foster care situation which almost killed me.

    I forgive my first foster mother (and father if there was one)

    I forgive the murderers who kill children. These murderers are;
    abortionists and their clients, the pregnant murderous mothers who are
    committing a far more heinous crimes at a far, far higher rate (3500 babies
    daily) than the Newtown murderer since they are intentionally killing not just
    strangers-but their own flesh and blood offspring. They premeditate and torture
    and kill innocent victims to cover their stupid mistakes.

    At least my mother (-who was raped and didn’t get to enjoy the pleasure of
    the sex act that got her pregnant- and who suffered for nine months with a child
    she did not want-) had the decency and morality to give me life and not kill me.
    She made no mistakes and did no harm. She did good as a morally upright person.

    I am not a “mistake” and never have deserved to be murdered or “punish” my
    mother with an abortion(!)

    I offer a special Saint Valentine
    “Thank you!” to my five Moms-My birth, first, second and adoptive mothers as
    well as my mother in heaven-The Blessed Virgin Mary with her Immaculate Heart
    and Conception