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Please take 15 minutes to share YOUR STORIES with us!

Now in its 5th year, the Great American Condom Campaign (GACC) has distributed well over 5 million condoms to young people in college campuses across the entire country.

Over the years, we’ve made some headlines. We’ve changed policies that affected young people’s health and lives. We’ve educated and empowered young people to make the U.S. a sexually healthy nation—all thanks to YOUR efforts!

This fall, we want to highlight some of your amazing campaign stories and spotlight YOU. You might just become the next star on our Facebook page or on Amplify.

Why did you decide to participate in the campaign? What do you think your impact on campus has been? Any fun stories to tell?

All it takes is 15 minutes! Come on, tell us…. As an incentive, SafeSites that share the best stories and pictures will receive their very own GACC T-shirt and a surprise gift.

Please take 15 minutes to share your GACC stories.

We know the stories are out there! Go ahead, tell us


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  • waheedah shabazz-el

    I think this is a great effort to get young people access to health resource tools aka condoms.
    I am however still failing to understand why female condoms are not being made accessible to young girls.
    Female condoms put prevention in the hands of women and girls. It is currently the only means of HIV prevention women can use without the consent or cooperation of her partner.
    To give a young woman a male condom is just not enough since her partner has to agree to wear it.
    What happens if the male partner says no?

    Providing female condoms to women and girls, is empowering and helps them to be able to make healthier choices when it comes to their sexual health.

    Let ‘s face it. We can’t ends AIDS if we don’t count women into the prevention plan.
    Globally women are over 60% of all HIV infections.

    It is a human rights violation to continue to ignore the

  • waheedah shabazz-el

    What I was trying to say is it is a human rights violation to ignore women when planning HIV Prevention.
    Countless campaigns have been launched for male condoms.
    Women have the right to equal access and equal opportunity to help prevent HIV.

    All I am saying is let’s make the playing field level.

    Handing a young girl a male condom is degrading, without the negotiating skills she will certainly need to convince her male partner to use the condom.

    Female condoms are an insertive device that does not require any coercion or negotiation.

    So hey let’s think about putting out the whole fire. Make both male and female condoms available in your campaigns and really change the world.

    Thank you, I’ll take my seat now.