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Just yesterday, the Supreme Court of El Salvador handed a young woman a death sentence by denying Beatriz “permission” for an abortion needed to save her life.

Beatriz is 22. The mother of a 1-year old boy. She has lupus. Kidney malfunction. And her doctors say she will likely die if the pregnancy continues. But, there is still hope for Beatriz.

Beatriz needs your help.

El Salvador has one of the strictest anti-abortion laws in Latin America, forbidding abortion at any time for any reason. Beatriz has exhausted all legal possibilities in El Salvador, but international pressure is urgently needed especially on El Salvador’s president Mauricio Funes.

There is still time to get Beatriz the medical care she needs. Sign the petition and let President Funes know the world is watching. We CAN help Beatriz.


Tweet now!@MauricioFunesSV #Beatriz morirá si no se le practica un aborto. El mundo está observando.

@MauricioFunesSV Help #Beatriz have the abortion she needs to live. The world is watching.