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Today, you are our heroes.

You stared down a bullying legislature that had repeatedly shown it would stop at nothing to pass a sweeping abortion restriction bill that would endanger millions of women’s health and lives.

And you didn’t flinch.

Senator Davis, your filibuster was among the most courageous acts  we have ever seen by a legislator. Following the rules of the Senate, you stood for over 11 hours, with no food or drink,  barred even from leaning, and shared women’s real stories of their experiences with abortion – stories that had previously been ruled “too repetitive” by the legislature.

After 2 trumped-up warnings, they finally shut you down after 11 hours on false charges of going off topic.

And then the people took over.

The hundreds of activists who had filled the chamber for days would not be silenced.  From all over the state, you had been watching since Thursday as Republicans attempted to ramrod SB-5 through the special session.

Your cheers and shouts delayed the session, and the bill was unable to pass before midnight.

Thank you, Senator Davis and the People’s Filibuster , for your courage and your leadership.  You showed that the people of Texas won’t stand for attacks on women’s health.  Today, you inspire us to keep fighting.    You weren’t silenced and we won’t be either.

To the women of Texas and to the 1 in 3 women who will need an abortion in her lifetime:  we’ve got your back!

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  • Tirzah Roberts

    Is 5 months not long enough for one to decide if they want to abort their child or not?