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Thank you. Because of your support, we are creating a world where all young people have the right to lead healthy and fulfilling lives.

Take just 60 seconds to glance through our annual report, find an image that speaks to you, and celebrate what we have accomplished together.

Supporters like you help us respond on a moment’s notice when young people’s rights, dignity, and access to lifesaving sexual health information and services are under attack.

Thank you for helping to make our efforts possible.

With warm regards,

Deb Hauser
Advocates for Youth


Tweet now!BC of your support, we can respond at a moment’s notice when young people’s rights, health & access are under attack http://ow.ly/CkkNn

tweet-now-toutTake a look at our Annual Report. In it, you’ll find examples of how the generous donations of our donors have directly impacted the lives of our young people. Celebrate what we’ve accomplished with the support! http://ow.ly/CkkNn

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