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When I was a student in Broward County, Florida, I didn’t take sex education until my senior year – and at that point, it was an abstinence class. I never learned how to protect myself from HIV, sexually transmitted infections or unwanted pregnancy.

I wanted something different for the 250,000 students in Broward County that would follow in my footsteps.

So I joined the Broward County Youth Council, a project of Advocates for Youth and Planned Parenthood South Florida. We drafted a new sex education plan for the school board to consider. Then we had to go to work to make it happen.

Help me raise $5,000 today to support a national network of youth activists in places like Alabama, Mississippi and Ohio who are leading the fight for better sex education.

How do we win these fights? Advocates works intensively with select partners in key states to create a 10-member youth council, brings them to a 5-day Youth Leadership Training Institute and builds a statewide youth network of 3,000 young people.

This strategy works.

After two years of gathering petition signatures and testifying at school board meetings, the Broward County School Board passed a bill to overhaul sex education.

Advocates for Youth gave me the tools to work for real change in Broward.

Help me raise $5,000 today to support youth activists who are leading and winning fights for better sex education in other communities from Colorado to South Carolina.

In solidarity,

Keanne Owens
Youth Activist
Advocates for Youth




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