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It’s been a tough few days for us here at Advocates. Last week the Supreme Court ruled against buffer zones at abortion clinics, and just a couple hours ago the Court put women’s access to contraception in jeopardy.

We could give you a long, legal explanation of the cases, but in short—until our society recognizes that sexuality is a normal, healthy part of being human, we’ll continue to get devastating decisions like these.

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Tweet now!It’s been a tough few days in the battle for #sexual & #reprorights. But it’s not over. Help us continue the fight! http://ow.ly/y64og

tweet-now-toutLast week the #SupremeCourt ruled against #bufferzones at #abortion clinics and just a couple hours ago the Court put at jeopardy women’s access to #contraception. It’s been a tough few days in the battle for sexual and reproductive healthcare. But it’s not over. Help us continue the fight! http://ow.ly/y64og

  • Jo

    I couldn’t disagree with you more. The buffer zones were wrong. If it’s a public sidewalk, anyone should be able to (peacefully) speak and walk on it, no matter if it’s in front of an abortion clinic or not. Plus, the buffer zones weren’t meant for women’s “privacy,” they were meant so that pro-life advocates couldn’t tell women that they had other options than abortion. A lot of women seeking abortions don’t actually want abortions; they just don’t know that they have other options. Buffer zones hurt women because they stifle communication and they prevent pro-lifers from offering resources and information to at-risk women.
    Abortion is BIG BUSINESS. Planned Parenthood and other abortion providers don’t want to lose customers! So they want a buffer zone to silence the voices of people who sincerely want to help women and pre-born children.
    The contraception mandate is ridiculous. You can buy contraceptives for yourself at Target for about $10. Believe me, if you want contraceptives, they are readily affordable for you. The Supreme Court decision basically said that employers should not be FORCED to pay for something OPTIONAL that they find morally objectionable. Pregnancy is not a disease, so contraception and abortion are not healthcare. It’s not like the companies are refusing to pay for cancer treatment! People say, “my body is not my boss’s business.” I say, “YES!!! So don’t make them pay for your contraception!” Sex is optional, so contraception is optional.
    And by the way, I’m a teenaged female, so I know what I’m talking about as this pertains to me. It’s not like I’m a fuddy-duddy fifty-year-old man speaking about this. Please take me seriously.
    I came to this site looking for a place where I could find out how to HELP women and children (my advocacy involves stopping human trafficking). Instead, I came across a post that is utterly wrong and which supports the trampling of religious freedom and the trampling of free speech. A post that supports silencing people who want to help. I’m completely disappointed.
    Please don’t block my comment just because it’s not in line with what you believe. Like what the buffer zones were meant to do.