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We’ve seen a lot of discussion of New York Magazine’s profile of sex at college – from “hookup culture” to affirmative consent education to online dating services.  We wondered, what does a generation of youth activists committed to normalizing healthy sexuality think about it all??  So we asked them, and here’s what they said!

Brianna, Harvard:  “My friends and I are constantly trying to navigate the difficult but vital questions of safer sex and personal boundaries. If the article teaches us nothing else, it’s that young people are diverse and worthy of nuanced discussion about our sexual rights.”

Cydney, Howard University:  I attend an HBCU. We’ve only recently become progressive in terms of having programming surrounding sexual health, let alone the labels, attachments, emotions (or lack thereof).  There is a divide between the students and administration when it comes to addressing the sexual health needs of the campus. I’ve seen progress,  but there are still many barriers that need to deconstructed.

Sooni, Arizona State University: Hook-up culture is not a new phenomena. Neither is sexual violence and rape (on college campuses). The best way to stimulate a meaningful and intersectional sexual revolution is to provide rights-based, comprehensive sexuality education to all humans, from an early age.

Hannah:  In college I had peers who were sex positive, knew their identities,  and knew about consent. We knew about dating violence, too –  but we never learned the warning signs. We were taught it’s always physical. And it seemed like it was always cisgender and heterosexual. We just never saw partner violence as something that could happen to us – even in increasingly volatile relationships.

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