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In Nigeria, the rights of millions of girls are overlooked. We lack access to comprehensive sex education and fight with poverty and inequality every day. This year, I became a member of Advocates for Youth’s Girl Engagement Advisory Board to advance girls’ rights across the globe and at the United Nations.

Donate now to help me fight for the rights of girls across the world.

Advocates for Youth is dedicated to ensuring that the rights of girls and young people all over the world are protected. Because of Advocates for Youth, just weeks ago I stood before the United Nations and helped set the course for the future of girls’ rights, health and security for the next 15 years. I stood beside advocates like Ashley Judd to give girls a voice, to remind global leaders that we’re not invisible and not to trade our rights away.

Donate now to help me continue to fight for the rights of girls across the world in 2016.

Young people are leading the way. Please help us get there.

In solidarity,

Elizabeth Talatu Williams

Youth Activist

Advocates for Youth

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