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Today the Sex Ed Road Trip makes an unexpected swing back to California, where a judge has ruled that abstinence-only programs do not constitute education.

Research has found for a long time that lecturing students about not having sex isn’t enough to protect their sexual health. But abstinence-only programs are even worse than that:


Plaintiffs alleged that the district was showing students abstinence-focused videos that contained “egregiously inaccurate and biased information,” like comparing a woman who has engaged in sex to a dirty shoe, and suggesting that men are physically unable to stop themselves once they become sexually aroused. One video, entitled Never Regret The Choice, suggested that homosexuality doesn’t exist by encouraging students to adopt the mantra, “One man, one woman, one life.”

That’s an education nobody needs. We applaud the judge’s ruling. Comprehensive sex education IS “an important right” and we’re glad the legal system has recognized it as such.