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This blog post is part of the Sex Ed Road Trip, a blog series uplifting youth activists work from across the country working towards comprehensive sex education. Today’s stop is in Mississippi!

In the fall of 2014, Mississippi Youth Council (MYCouncil) members did condom surveys across the state in their local communities. MYCouncil members surveyed local stores on signage, placement, and product variety of condoms. The results ranged from helpful and affirming to shame and judgment.

“I asked him if he knew where the condoms were, and he made a comment about how I did not appear old enough, and then proceeded to ask me my age. I refused to tell him my age, and he refused to assist me. As a twenty-one year old, I am accustomed to having to verify my age for almost everything, but I should not have to verify my age to buy condoms.” Courtney, MYCouncil member

“Why do adults stare when you go to the condom section? Why are the older workers friendly and smiling until you ask the question, “Can you tell me where the condoms are located?”… Doing the condom survey I always felt like adults were looking at me. They were not eyes of helpfulness but eyes of curiosity and judgment.” – Terrace, MYCouncil member

Join youth activists in Mississippi, and across the country, and tell your legislators that comprehensive sex education matters! Sign the petition today!