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As activists from the U.S and around the world, will you stand in solidarity with your LGBT identified friends and peers on May 17?

Over the course of this year alone, we have seen an escalation of violence and harassment targeting LGBT people across the globe. The harmful targeting of LGBT youth, or persons perceived to be LGBT, continues to threaten young people’s human rights as well as their ability to lead healthy, safe, and successful lives. Which is why we must stand up, not just on The International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia (May 17), but every day.

Join us in condemning discrimination and violence towards LGBT youth by sharing why you will speak out against homophobia and transphobia by downloading one of these #IDAHOT signs.


And stand with LGBT young people and their allies all over the world and speak up to demand our rights.

Even with the threat of harsh words, prison and violence, I am constantly amazed by the work of youth activists around the world who are tirelessly working to address homophobia and transphobia in their communities. Their work doesn’t stop, therefore neither does mine.

Thank you.

Urooj Arshad

Associate Director, Health Equity and Social Justice

Advocates for Youth

Tweet now!I speak out against homophobia and transphobia in the US and abroad. Do you? http://ow.ly/MZWCT #IDAHOT



tweet-now-toutStand with Advocates to show discrimination of LGBT young people will not be tolerated. Share why you speak out against homophobia and transphobia. http://ow.ly/MZWCT #IDAHOT

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