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This blog post is part of the Sex Ed Road Trip, a blog series uplifting youth activists work from across the country working towards comprehensive sex education. Today’s stop is in Ohio!

Last month Ohio Youth Leadership Council members lobbied their state legislators and ask for comprehensive sex education in all schools. Under the current law, Ohio requires that sex education be taught in schools but says nothing about it being comprehensive, medically accurate or age-appropriate. Ohio House Bill 132 would include a provision to the current sex education law to ensure that any sex education must be comprehensive, medically accurate and age-appropriate.

“My experience in Columbus was precious like every other moment I spend advocating for real world issues. As a young lesbian I was extremely honored to meet State Representative Nickie Antonio who is the first open lesbian representative. I’m reminded every day that the world is changing and becoming a more accepting environment when I meet people like her. Once again the experience in Columbus was amazing, and I continue to love the work I do with the Ohio Youth Leadership Council!” – Adalia, Ohio Youth Leadership Council member

Join Adalia and make your voice heard. Sign the petition today.