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Every day, Planned Parenthood affiliates and independent abortion providers around the nation give compassionate care to women who need abortions. I am fed up with the ongoing attacks on these brave and committed providers. The need for abortion care has been a common experience across the generations and health care facilities such as Planned Parenthood have been there to ensure safe access. Yet those who provide abortion care are too often intimidated, badgered, stalked, and entrapped.

I stand with Planned Parenthood and I ask you to do so as well.

In the videos, taken illicitly and illegally by anti-abortion extremists, staff frankly discuss fetal tissue donation. These donations help advance research into new treatments for diseases, such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, diabetes, heart disease, and kidney failure. Fetal tissue donation is voluntary on the part of the client. Research centers may compensate providers for storage and transportation. The facilitation of fetal tissue donation by some Planned Parenthood centers should be applauded for its contribution to the advancement of human science.

On the 1 in 3 campaign website, more than 800 women have shared their stories with abortion experiences – and many have specifically mentioned the caring and compassion they received from abortion care providers. We need to keep working toward a culture that centers real experiences with abortion. We need to build a culture of compassion, empathy, and support for access to basic reproductive health care and those who provide it.

It’s outrageous that politicians are using invasive provider intimidation as an opportunity to call for an end to all funding of Planned Parenthood. We can’t allow extremist and illegal actions to add to the stigma around abortion and make access more difficult.

Please join me in standing with Planned Parenthood.


Debra Hauser

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We’re fed up w/ provider intimidation + attacks on wmn’s health! Stand with #PlannedParenthood http://bit.ly/AFYStandWithPP #StandWithPP


We’re fed up with provider intimidation and attacks on women’s health! We can’t allow extremist and illegal actions make abortion access more difficult. Let’s stand together with Planned Parenthood. http://bit.ly/AFYStandWithPP #StandWithPP

  • dancingglamtiger

    I can’t take abortions. It is criminal… if you kill a person it’s considered a crime. But if you get an abortion it’s ok, and they don’t get punished for it.

    Think of the baby. It is completely helpless, it can’t protect itself, think about how much pain and fear that baby lives in. A baby in a womb is more scared than a lion that gets hunted. Do you know why? Because of all of the abortions.

    I’m 14, and I don’t want to have sex until I am old enough, which is 18, 19, maybe 20. I have a message for all of the teens that are having sex, being in junior high, and high school. If you don’t want to get pregnant, then DO NOT HAVE SEX SO YOUNG. It’s that simple, stop thinking that if you have sex you’re going to be a grown up, or to get attention.

    If you’re still in high school, and you find out you’re pregnant, your first option is abortion. Well, you think it isn’t wrong, but it is. It’s an innocent baby, and it’s alive… it has a heart beat, and feelings. You think that it can’t feel it when you get an abortion, but it experiences unimaginable pain.

    For those of you who are old enough to have a baby, and can take care of it, I also have a message. If you don’t want a baby, then why don’t you get your tubes tied, or use birth control pills until you want a baby. If you find out you’re pregnant, and you don’t want the baby, you think abortion. Well, you guys don’t deserve respect, to be honest. You just willingly kill an unborn baby just because you don’t want it? It’s just wrong, and I think it should be considered murder because that is exactly what it is.

    Well, that’s all I have to say. Thank you.

    • Sammich

      First line of defense against unintended pregnancy is knowledge and empowerment of women. For example having access to proper sexual education, contraceptives, Plan-B and the right to choose.

      The majority of teens do not have sex to feel grown up or to get
      attention. They begin to have sex because of the biological changes in
      the body, that can cause pronounced sexual urges, which is known as
      puberty. Now I am not saying teens just become rabid sex fiends. I am
      just saying it’s generally more of a biologically influenced behavior
      and less of a socially influenced behavior. I am not going to deny that
      there are teens who feel socially/peer pressured into having sex or
      becoming sexual. However becoming sexual should be your choice and you should be the one to decided whether or not you feel comfortable and ready to take on that responsibility, such as practicing safe sex.

      The majority of women who have had an abortion did so as a last resort. Women may become unintentionally pregnant due to rape, unprotected sex, and/or a contraceptive failure. A woman’s doctor may advise her to terminate a pregnancy because it
      would put her health in jeopardy and possibly lead to death if she tries
      to carry to term. However most doctors will not perform sterilization such as tubal ligation, on a woman that has not had children yet.

      The majority of all abortions take place during the first trimester which is week 1- week 13. A fetus begins to have heart beat at week 5 but there is no evidence supporting that it is capable of emotions or thoughts at this point. Also the brain connections needed to feel pain are not in place until at least 24 weeks, during the second trimester (week 14- week 27).