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Did you catch Sunday’s “Last Week Tonight with John Oliver”? The critically acclaimed comedy and commentary show took on sex education and abstinence-only programs – from the inconsistent patchwork of laws and policies, to the damage abstinence-only programs can do to young people who receive them.

That’s right – the issues our staff and youth activists work on every day!

Help us keep working to ensure that every student gets quality sex education. Donate $10 or more today!

Advocates for Youth and the youth activists we work with have been leaders in the charge to ensure quality sex ed for nearly two decades. And we have had great successes. But as John Oliver explains, Congress just keeps on giving money to failed abstinence-only programs which don’t work and cause harm.

Donate $10 or more to our efforts to ensure that all young people get quality sex education.

Watch the John Oliver segment– and don’t miss the hilarious all-star sex education lesson starring Aisha Tyler, Megan Mullally, Nick Offerman and more!


In solidarity,

Julia Reticker-Flynn

Associate Director, Youth Organizing and Mobilization

Tweet now!Catch @LastWeekTonight’s segment on abs-only ed? Agree young ppl need comp. #sexed? Donate to #stopabonly! http://bit.ly/AFYABOnly


tweet-now-toutDid you catch John Oliver’s segment on Last Week Tonight’s on abstinence-only ed? Agree young people need more than just shame and scare tactics? Donate to help us keep working to ensure every student gets quality sex ed. #stopabonly http://bit.ly/AFYABOnly