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Running a country successfully and efficiently requires everybody taking part. For a long time, the task of running a country was assigned to a specific group of people within the Government. But that way of thinking has to end. Many have tried to do their best to achieve that goal, but has it ever crossed anybody’s mind that involving or even empowering Youth could be the key?

Have you noticed the way  Malagasy Young people behave nowadays? It seems like the country is not theirs, they do not feel involved or concerned about many issues that strike Madagascar.What do you think that is due to?

Let us not be afraid to acknowledge that in some way, we have inherited that “conservative way” of doing things. Adults rarely respect young people’s voices, because elders expect youth to listen and obey.

It is high time to think outside of the box and get rid of that old- fashioned way of thinking.

Development is only possible if its main actors stop being excluded, left apart and neglected. We all know that singers usually grab people’s attention on what is really happening in a given country, especially the bad governance. In her song entitled “The greatest love of all”, Whitney Houston highlights that point by saying: “I believe the children are our future, teach them well and let them lead the way…”.

What we all forgot is that it is a matter of interdependence. What is that?

Let us first have an overview of the current situation: no leader has ever been open to any comments or suggestions from any young leader. If young people dared to offer their thoughts, they’d be seen as boastful and disrespectful! Any leader who considered such ideas would be seen as an incapable, weak or ineffective. It is like that very leader is at the mercy of the young one. But the thing is,” the fear of change”.

However, there is a very different perspective:

Interdependence means that everything and everyone is connected. Being an active citizen is like being a piece of a puzzle, and you need all the pieces (ie citizens) to complete the picture. We, therefore cannot side with either the current leaders or the future ones, who are Young people, because the first depends on the second, and vice versa.

The current leaders of our country are experienced and open-minded. One day or another they will have to give the way to us to run the country. We, young, dynamic, and creative people are the hope of our Nation. It does not give us any right to disrespect and ignore what our elders have done. The development we strive towards depends on intergenerational co-operation. It is all about “Team work.” How? Their open-mindedness and their trust in us will enable us to be trained by THEM. And that is how it is going to work.

That was one way to reach the set goal. But that was not all: Madagascar has two main assets: our country is gifted with natural resources, which benefit the welfare of Malagasy people, and Madagascar’s population is full of young people who make another pillar for the Nation. No change will be brought without them. Personally, I have already taken some steps for that common goal by being part of The Girl Engagement Advisory Board. Maybe it is not a huge thing yet, but it is already a start. I think such activities should be more emphasized  to motivate and inspire young people. –Patricia Boara Saida, Madagascar

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