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The abortion movement is approaching a historic moment in 2016. The Supreme Court will hear oral arguments March 2nd, in a case examining a Texas law that’s placed numerous restrictions on safe, legal abortion care. This case impacts 5.4 million women in Texas alone, and has ramifications for millions of others around the country.

On that day, organizations and individuals alike will rally together in front of the Supreme Court in support of abortion clinics, and the future of millions of individuals who rely on their services.

In this exciting moment we want to keep people’s stories at center of the conversation about abortion care. But how can you get involved if you’re not in D.C.?


  1. Sign up to receive a story kit here. We’ll send you 5 real stories from the 1 in 3 Campaign to hold up as a demonstration showing as young people we stand by those who seek abortion care.
  2. Snap a picture of the demonstration, and record a video of your own oral argument to the Supreme Court. Post the pictures and videos online with the hashtag #1in3Stories.
  3. Use the pledge cards in the toolkit to get other to pledge to stand up for abortion access.

This is a historic moment, thank you for
joining us.


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