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On Tuesday, March 2, people nationwide are coming together to show their support for what will be the most important abortion case heard by the Supreme Court in 20 years.

The Supreme Court has held that laws that place an “undue burden” on abortion access are unconstitutional. This year, the Court will look at a Texas law that has placed numerous restrictions on access to abortion, and will decide if those restrictions create an undue burden.

If you believe no individual should face an undue burden in accessing safe, legal and compassionate abortion care — join Advocates at the rally on March 2.

The Court needs to hear our voices. They need to know that access to abortion and the ability to plan if and when you carry a pregnancy to term is crucial to the ability to protect both your own future and that of your family. Everyone has a right to dignity and autonomy.

RSVP here to join Advocates for Youth at events in Washington, D.C.


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Can’t mess with #TX! Join us – stand w/ TX women + individuals seeking abortion care nationwide March 2 #StopTheSham http://bit.ly/RallyWithAFY

Facebook share!Undue burdens strip women of their ability to make a meaningful and responsible decisions about if and when they get pregnant. Stand with Texas women, and individuals nationwide to #StopTheSham http://bit.ly/RallyWithAFY

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