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Last week the Florida legislature passed a host of harmful restrictions to abortion care across the state and now it’s on Governor Rick Scott’s desk and he has until March 22nd to veto the bill.

Now is the time to take action! Sign this petition and tell Governor Scott to VETO HB 1411.

The Governor’s veto is the only thing that can stop a host of regulations that will make abortion providers jump through hoops other doctors don’t have to.

Our fight is not over! One in three women in the U.S. will need an abortion in her lifetime. We need accessible abortion care in Florida.
Sign the petition now.


Abbey Marr

State Policy Analyst

Advocates for Youth


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SB 1722 / HB 1411 mandates medically unnecessary regs. to AB providers! Tell @FLGovScott: don’t take away my care! ow.ly/ZjhNr

Facebook share!The Florida House voted to enact a series of harmful restrictions on access to abortion care. The bill doesn’t protect women’s health, only hinders abortion access! Tell Governor Scott: don’t take away my care! ow.ly/ZjhNr

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