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Walking into lobbying day the majority of us were nervous. The goal was to get as many representatives as possible to cosponsor a bill supporting comprehensive sex education; some of us had never done this before and even though some of us had lobbied in the past we were just  as nervous as those who hadn’t. We were well trained, yet we had no idea what to expect. We planned out exactly what we were going to say, however it was slightly unnerving knowing that a few of the representatives we were talking to had the mindset that they were not going to cosponsor this bill. My major concern was that no one would cosponsor the bill, or that the representatives would respond rudely to our request. When meeting with the representatives’ staff we told them about the benefits of comprehensive sex education and focused on the economic aspect of this bill as well to insure that the representative would know that there was no additional cost for the government. After our day of lobbying we felt as though a huge weight was lifted off of our shoulders; we accomplished our goal and learned how to talk to people of great importance, and even if none of the representatives cosponsor our bill we still helped to start the conversation. With that being said the fact that we might have convinced a representative to cosponsor the bill is an incredible feeling. By talking to someone for only ten minutes we could possibly be helping hundreds of kids become safer and more informed. If this bill were to pass numerous lives would be changed for the better. This experience taught us that anyone can make a difference; you just have to put in effort. I would like to thank Advocates for Youth and Ohio CAMI’s supervisor Shaina Munoz for giving me the opportunity to make a difference; I would not give up this experience for the world.

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