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Days are getting longer and hotter and you know what that means – August Recess!
This is the time federal legislators hang out in their district and meet with constituents. This is the perfect time to do a little advocacy! Here are some great places to start.

1. Attend Town Hall Meetings

Town hall meetings are great! Every legislator has a slightly different format, but the basic idea is that legislators hold a public forum to answer constituent questions. If there is an issue you want to ask your legislator about this is a great time to do so. Because this is a public forum, it is also a great place to get videos of your legislator. If they something that is total BS you can get it on video and hold them accountable!

It is also important to make your issue visible. Many times legislators will screen the questions, meaning your tough ones won’t get asked. You can make your issue visible in other ways. Care about HIV/AIDS? Bring a group of ten friends and all wear tee shirts with a red ribbon painted on the front. They might not read your question, but it will be obvious to other and the legislator what you care about!

Be for warned town halls can get a little rowdy! Remember to be respectful, or else your issue will not be taken seriously.

2. In District Lobbying

Don’t have the time and money to fly to DC every time your legislator votes on an issue you care about? No worries! During August recess your legislator will be right in your home town. To schedule an in district meeting call their district office, this is usually listed on their web site. Ask their staff to schedule a meeting with you and the legislator. Make sure you mention you are a constituent and what issue you want to discuss. Bring friends too! This is a great time to thank legislators and also tell them where you disagreed with their choices.
Alright people, it is time to get organized! Tell your friends about what your advocacy plans are and bring them along! Always remember, they work for you! It is their job to be available to you and hear your concerns.

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