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Shades of Roise

#ShadesofRosie is a campaign that seeks to start and maintain a conversation about intersectionality in our movements and in our lives. Through the feminist icon, Rosie the Riveter, we want to show how diverse women are and thus how diverse our movement has to be in order to truly fight for them. Feminism is evolving and this Women’s History Month, #ShadesofRosie is finding ways to highlight that evolution through a figure that has already seen her meaning change as society changed.

Fun Fact: Rosie the Riveter wasn’t created for feminism.

The “We Can Do It” poster that is now most famously associated with the feminist symbol Rosie The Riveter was originally used as a propaganda tool to get women in the work force during World War II. Lower class women and women of color, of course, were already in the workforce, but in the midst of the War, the government needed everyone on deck. The government at that time, however, did not intend for women to STAY in the workforce. Rosie’s iconic image was always supposed to be temporary.

It wasn’t until the Women’s Movement in the 70s that Rosie became the face of women empowerment and equality in the workforce. She was already popular across the country and feminists did not have to do anything but assert that the values she stood for, the idea that “We Can Do It”, didn’t stop when our troops returned home. But Rosie, in her original form, is a very simplified form of feminism. She represents the interests of white, middle-class woman who are seeking job equality.

I think we can all agree that feminism is more than that.

The Young Women of Color Leadership Council is a group of young women of color who have made a habit of looking at our issues complexly. We are a reproductive justice advocacy collective, which means we take on the issues of reproductive issues (especially Healthy Relationships, HIV/STI Awareness, Sexual Violence, Contraception Access, and Abortion Rights) and try to address them from all the angles, by educatingour communities and especially women of color about the issues, including them in our movement, and empowering them to make change. We know the importance of nuance.

Which brings us back to #ShadesofRosie: Rosie has already leveled up once before, so it is only fitting that she do so again! WE are the face of feminism and so WE will be the makeover that Rosie the Riveter so desperately needs. All we ask for you to do to get involved is to Facebook/Tweet a picture of you striking the Rosie the Riveter pose!

rosie the riveter

Share with the hashtag #ShadesofRosie and if possible, include a caption of what intersectionality means to you! Throughout the month we will be having a twitter chat and a Google Hangout that will seek to explore intersectionality in-depth. We will be sharing articles and pictures and music that we feel adds to the diversity of the feminist movement, and we ask you to do the same!

One of Feminism’s best qualities is that it challenges society to grow. It demands change. It declares that equality is not and will never be temporary.

The discussion around intersectionality is not going away because WE are not going away. We are vital parts of this movement and we must acknowledge the complexities of our problems. Instead of letting our differences divide us, we must celebrate them together. We are all diverse and special and strong in our own way. We are all different shades of Rosie.

It’s time we share our differences with the world.

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