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Well, my box arrived! It was pretty cool to pour out that many condoms all at once.

I have a few disappointments with my shipment, though. First, I’m light by 18 condoms (yes I counted. Don’t judge me) but I suppose trojan just measures by weight. Second, I got more magnum size than anything else O.o I was hoping for mostly trojan enz, but hey, free condoms.

On the plus side; I dig the trojan grab bucket. My first thought was to fill that puppy up and plop it down on my desk it each class and be all: “Check it, free rubbers!” Ok, my first thought was to just take the box itself, dress up like cupid and prance about the campus, merrily tossing handfuls of condoms about.

Sadly, I am a bit more reserved and orderly (I did count the suckers, after all.) I’m setting the groundwork to build a distribution network of safesites on my campus by utilizing faculty, staff, and student clubs.

I met with my student activities coordinator and the dean of admissions yesterday and I have a meeting with the dean of student development today. My plan is to get the go-ahead of student dev. to have the academic departments to allow me to contact certain instructors who are sympathetic to the cause and have them act as distribution points.

From there, I can also enlist certain student clubs and organizations to help distribute as well. I’ve also got the go-ahead from my activities coordinator to use campus events as distribution opportunities.

Failing all of this, well… there’s always the cupid costume.