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Not that I haven’t heard it all before, but here we go again: another court case of acquitted officers for crimes they are guilty of. In this particular case, two NYPD cops were acquitted of crimes related to a rape; one stood guard while the other carried out the sexual assault.

Franklin Mata (left) & Kenneth Moreno  

Here’s the gist:

~~ Kenneth Moreno was charged with raping the woman
~~ Franklin Mata was accused of standing guard during the incident
~~ The womyn was intoxicated, and the officers took her to her apartment as part of a 911 call from the cab driver taking her home
~~ She blacked out, and awoke to the officer penetrating her, but was too intoxicated to take any action against him
~~ The officers made a total of 4 trips that night/morning to her apartment, even faking a 911 call in one incident
~~ Both were acquitted of the most serious charges because there was no DNA evidence 
~~ Moreno and Mata were found guilty of the lesser charge of official misconduct for repeatedly returning to the woman’s apartment when they were on duty

Lesson learned: if you’re an intoxicated womyn, and you are raped by NYPD officers, you will NOT get justice. Here’s a better photo op of the two NYPD shining stars:

This is clearly so wrong, and yet they’re still getting away with it. In our faces. I hate the old backdrop-scapegoat of "she’s making it all up, she was too drunk to know anything." I am so tired of living in a relentless society, where the officers break the law without penalty, and people respond to "FIRE!!" more readily than they do "RAPE!!!" 

To quote a rather quoteable juror from the case, Melinda Hernandez: "A womyn knows when she is penetrated."

However, to dispell the halo we may think is on this juror’s head, she also said: "But without any evidence, it couldn’t be proven beyond a reasonable doubt. And if there is a reasonable doubt you must acquit." Well congratulations Ms. Hernandez, you have successfully been brainwashed by the institution of America’s "justice" system. Despite the fact that these two officers were in the apartment a total of 4-times that morning, because of the lack of forensic evidence (which, as an NYPD rapist, I’d be surprised if they didn’t know how to clean up after themselves), the entire thing collapses. What about context, huh?! Why do we just follow measures laid out for us by God only knows who, and follow blindly, sans a thought to the whole thing?!

Seems to me like NYPD needs to change the signs on their squad cars. I fail to see how this is any example of Courtesy, Professionalism, or Respect.
And, as protesters rallied  May 27 in front of the courthouse, NYPD also needs to "institute comprehensive training on rape, sexual assault and sexual harassment, and a zero-tolerance policy for when those acts are committed by officers."

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