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**Look, before I get into it, not ALL cops are bad. It’s F*CKED UP people, who make their way into positions of power, and abuse it. F*CKED UP people are cops, lawyers, doctors, mothers, fathers, teachers, ministers, etc. What is important to remember is to hold these F*CKED UP people accountable for their actions. ACCOUNTABILITY&JUSTICE**

*link since I can’t figure the embed thing: London Riots**

“What had started as a spontaneous cry of rage, had become an organized demonstration.” -BBC newscaster, on the 1981 Black Youth Riots.

This isn’t the first time Black youth have had to fight back, fight period to make known the discrimination and prejudice they experience. British police markedly stop&search Black youth without cause everyday; racial profiling.

The news will call it what they will: riots, savage attacks, outbursts, destructive behavior. What they won’t tell you is the racial discrimination that runs rampant in the streets between officers of law and community members.

If you’re wondering what sparked the riots, read up:

The immediate cause is clear enough: the fatal shooting by police Saturday night of 29-year-old Mark Duggan in Tottenham, a poor district of North London. In the aftermath of his death, a peaceful protest outside a neighborhood police station abruptly turned violent and soon spread to nearby streets.

From another report, it seems the so-called old police story of ‘he shot first so we retaliated’ is NOT the case here:

Investigators yesterday refused to confirm reports that initial results from the tests by the National Ballistics Intelligence Service suggested that the bullet fragments were from police-issue ammunition, meaning they could not have been from a weapon fired by Mr Duggan and casting doubt on claims that he was killed in an exchange of gunfire.

Read more about Mark Duggan here.

*There was an initial protest, which turned active, understandably*

I hope the community and its youth receive justice in the case of the police-murder of Mark Duggan. Not too long ago, in California, aboard a train platform, there was a man named Oscar Grant. Sound familiar?

*link since I can’t figure the embed thing: Oscar Grant**

This sounds like a re-run, sadly. People of power abusing their responsibilites, taking the law into their own hands, and getting away with it (if you’ve been watching the news lately, you will have heard about the most recent NYPD injustice: Officer Moreno was acquitted of rape charges, although the evidence convicts him, and now is even facing an appeal to his mandatory misconduct sentencing. INJUSTICE!!! Read more here.)

I’d be surprised if they WEREN’T rioting. What to say; there’s nothing. Except we need to keep on fighting, keep on loving, and keep holding people in power ACCOUNTABLE!!!



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