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Recently, in India, the public has raised the concern of sexual harassment and rape due the case happened on December 16th, 2012, when a 23 years old woman accompanied by a male friend after watching a movie “Life of Pi” , was later gang-raped and tortured by six men, and it was so violent that the girl died on December 29th in Singapore. Because of this high frequency of raping cases, one in every 22 minutes, according to data collected by National Crime Record Bureau, had many Indian women and women right activists to begin a nation-wide demonstration to force the government to take action to protect women’s right and their integrity. This issue was significant as for the year of 2012 alone there were 600 rape cases in New Delhi recorded alone which no doubt is the most-policed in India. The most problematic part was polices ignorance on this issue as only one out of 600 reported cases was convicted for crime last year. Therefore, the demonstration also call for the justice of these brutal gang-rapists and advocate for a change in Indian’s traditional attitude of gender inequality.  In the first month of 2013, thousands of Indians began to take action on the street facing polices tear gases, water cannon to express their concern and outrage in this events. By now it is the most vocal protest against sexual assault within India, and it is believed that from this nation-wide demonstration it is possible to achieve women equality and rights from the government and force the policy maker and police system to take serious actions to prevent the probability of the future reported case of raping activities.

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