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Being at the retreat this weekend felt surreal. It was a magical place where everyone there agreed with me on social issues and no one was afraid to talk about sex, LGBTQ topics, or reproductive rights. I was living (temporarily) in a place where I needed no filter — where I was treated as an equal, rather than a student.

Well we’re back to reality now.

This morning, as I drove to school behind someone with a Romney-Ryan bumper sticker, I realized that I was no longer in magical liberal-land. I had been pushed back into a reality where we didn’t all agree with each other. I’m appreciative of the fact that we don’t all agree, but it was reassuring being surrounded by people who are on the same page as you are. As my hiatus concludes, I remember what it is like to live in the real world… and how much more fun debates are when the other person doesn’t agree with everything you’ve said.

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  • Mitt Romney

    Hello Cole–
    Ann and I sat down and read your blog post tonight over bowls of tortilla soup. We have to say, thank you for your opinions. If you could let us know why you appeared to take offense to my campaign sticker, that would be much appreciated.
    Yours Truly,