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The Health Care debate is getting pretty messed up. Want proof?

Majority Leader Reid is using the health-care bill to restore funding for abstinence-only sex education programs that liberals (such as Mr. Reid himself) have spent the past three years trying to zero out.  (via WJS)

 What! Senator Ried, WHY!   This is bad news. 

 Senator Harry Ried fought ab-only education for years during the Bush administration, and introduced the Prevention First Act to redirect money from ab-only programs to comprehensive sex ed. 

My question is why is ab-only back in the health care bill!?

The answer is that Harry Ried wants the bill to pass, no matter what, even if it sacrifices the public option and restores abstinence-only sex education.  He put back ab-only because he wants to get Arkansas Senator Blanche Lincoln and North Dakota’s Kent Conrad to vote for the trillion dollar Health Care Reform overhaul.  In a political move, Harry Ried traded $50 million dollars in abstinence-only funding for the hope of Senator Lincoln and Conrad voting for HCR overhaul. This is not the way I want my government to work.

Ab-only is (almost always) a republicans issue, and Marcela Howell of Advocates For Youth said:

If Republicans aren’t going to vote for this bill, I can’t see why it should include their provision (WJS)

I agree completely. I hope that our elected officials get their act together and pass meaningful HCR that DOES NOT sacrifice comprehensive sex education, but it seems like that will not happen.  Please, Call Speaker Pelosi’s and Majority Leader Rieds office today to ask for abstinence-only funding to be removed from the health care bill.  The capitol switchboard number is  (202) 224-3121.  Call.  We all need to make our voices heard. 

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