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I read several brochures and informational materials, published by different local organizations, working with HIV prevention, MSM group, etc. Some of them are very good, full of vital and necessary information, written clearly. However, there’s a plenty of brochures of a poor quality, which can be even harmful to the community.

For instance, I don’t like those brochures, which capitalize the word “NORMAL” in explaining certain terms. For instance, in one brochure I read:

“Homosexual is a NORMAL person, who has NORMAL feelings and NORMAL sexual attraction towards NORMAL person of the same sex.”

Later, on the same page of the same brochure, another explanation was given:

“Gay is a NORMAL man, who loves and wants another NORMAL man”

That’s certainly NOT NORMAL to capitalize this word all the time. It’s not completely persuasive as it was supposed to be. In contrary we should avoid this stupid normalization, since we actually don’t know who’s normal and what is normal.

I don’t like also when the brochures don’t provide clear advice to keep long-lasting relationships, instead, they say “Forget about the society, never mind, just live and be happy that you are together. We are the best representatives of the World!”… hmmm… at least, I guess such gaycentric (I would say even gay-narcissistic) approach doesn’t bring any constructive solutions to the problem.

Brochures mustn’t be done in a hurry. They should be reviewed by experts and representatives of LGBT community. Only this can help to avoid contradictions, irrelevant and incorrect information. Xenophobia, biphobia, transphobia, HIV-phobia and sexophobia must be eliminated in brochures. Peer-review, done by people of various backgrounds, should be helpful to achieve it.