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Men in Kyrgyzstan join the fight for toughening the penalties for bride kidnapping. The law bill will be discussed again on Thursday, October 18, in the Parliament.

Men are also against the rape, directed to women, against the forced marriage, and violation of the women’s fundamental human rights. We don’t like and don’t support a commonsense belief that men are aggressors, rapists, thieves, who are not capable to build and develop peaceful and constructive relations with communities, families, women and other men. There are many among us, who fight against violence, hatred and discrimination.

I’m personally worried that many men in the Parliament consider bride kidnapping as a tradition. It’s not a tradition at all: many research works clearly showed that. Moreover, you don’t face such violation in neighboring countries.

Women are human beings. Bride kidnapping is a kidnapping of a human being! Kyrgyzstan is not a country of human rights if the persecution for cattle theft is more severe than for bride kidnapping. Support the law bill! Send us letters of support, videos and pictures! bishkekfeminists@gmail.com

Some statistics and info: There are about 30 cases of forced marriage and bride kidnapping each day. Every day 6 girls are raped. So, this means 11 800 cases of forced marrige and bride kidnapping per year with 2000 cases, when women are raped. Only ONE case out of 700 is reported to the police and investigated. Only ONE case out of 1500 reports to the police reaches the trial.

Picture: official logo of the Campaign \”155\” bride kidnapping