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Criticism is important, necessary and valuable. It shows that you need to work on mistakes, problems and shortcomings. Critics helps an organization to grow and to influence and change the situation by reducing the violence and discrimination.

However …
It is always easy to shout from the warm nest, feeling secured ….
Rarely the people who have status and privileges, “exemplary sons and daughters,” those who are not concerned about their financial well-being, do not think about how not die the next day from hunger, how to find a place to stay … those people who have never experienced or seen horrific violence … who do not know what it means to be beaten up just because you’re gay, to be raped just because you’re a lesbian, or to be killed just because you’re transgender … who never felt that wild helplessness in the victims of violence and hatred… such people do not visit, ignore, fear of, and some of them are even against LGBT organizations.
And in contrary those who are not afraid to lose their status and  privilege become LGBT activists … Not surprisingly, my colleague has many grammatical errors, when he writes… not because he is so unprofessional, but because he was born and grew up in certain conditions, which, unfortunately, didn’t give him opportunity to learn to write without grammatical errors.
And I ask all of you… not just to criticize, but to be in solidarity and to try to help … I admire a man who recently started visiting Indigo … He has the high status and privilege while working at a well-known international organization … but he nevertheless comes in and helps to prepare project proposals. He is a specialist and realize that we need his help. Such people inspire you and they improve overall performance of the organization.
There are people (I know them personally) who graduated from the prestigious universities, travelled a lot in Europe, the U.S. and other countries, enjoying a vacation there, visiting gay bars and night clubs, meeting openly with others gay guys … and after enjoying this freedom … they come back to Kyrgyzstan and whine and cry that in Kyrgyzstanit’s so bad and not safe to be gay… I do not understand them … This freedom … gay marriage … antidiscrimination laws in Europe… they what? appeared on their own? all of a sudden? fell from somewhere for the benefit of LGBT people? NO! All this has been achieved by the politicization of the LGBT movement …. thanks to activists, initiatives, various organizations (international and local, large and tiny, radical or not). It is strange that these people are coming back from their vacations in Europe or somewhere else, and tell me these words:
“You’re wasting your time. In Kyrgyzstan we will live freely only after a hundred years ”
“These NGOs launder money of donors”
“Do not you feel sorry for your parents?”
“But you’re not doing anything specific”
“You will get to nowhere”
“Which rights? We have all the rights … ”
“Why are you so open and scream everywhere that you are gay?”

I feel sometimes sad … sad that I have to loose my face among my relatives, putting my beloved parents into insecurity, jeopardizing my future and may be complicating my life, and now I am in all this verbal shit. The only thing that keeps me awake – is the fate of people caught in difficult situations or overstep any difficulties in their lives… other activists and wonderful people who support and motivate …
What Kyrgyzstanwill be in 10 years, even 50 or 100 years … is up to us …
I wish there were less verbal shit and more constructive criticism in this small world …