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Green parties. Green movements. Green rights. Green actions. Green holidays. Green programs and policies. Green diets. Green institutions. Green people. Green economies. Green societies. Green culture.

So what is green?

It’s no longer only about color. It’s even not longer about environment and sustainability. This concept became wider  and complex. “Green” now encompasses collective human rights (third wave of human rights), cultural values, economical interactions, social interactions between people. I would even say… “green” now means thinking models; attitudes and emotions of people. Thinking green and feeling green means to behave certainly, so this behavior will lead to sustainability.

‘Green’ now has certain set of values, which can be considered as also values of SRHR. Green parties, for instance, are usually pro-gay, pro-right. They support freely distributed contraception, STDs and HIV prevention programs, understanding that people’s good health conditions is important for sustainable development.

Some people, ‘green’ became less green, since the focus on environment and sustainability is weakened. However, I don’t agree with this. Yes, except ‘green’ there are more colors: red, orange, yellow, violet, blue…. But original green part is still there and it even became stronger with a support of other colors. This rainbow helps to make bigger changes and gives hope to people like me…

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