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At the first glance, reproductive health/rights seem not be linked to environmental issues. However, there’re tight connections between these.

Lack of reproductive health/rights bring us to overpopulation, which means the Earth can’t handle this and provide with food and energy for all people. Global warming and pollution are also aggravated by overpopulation.

If there’re reproductive rights and people can protect their reproductive health, people are educated about family planning, sex, reproductive rights/health, than the rapid growth of population is mitigated. Generally, there’re several mitigation strategies for avoiding overpopulation:

–          Governmental policies, like in China: “One family – one child”. I think such policies should be implemented only in extraordinary cases

–          Social marketing activities in order to build certain social norms. This involves various activities, like informational campaigns, printing and distributing informational brochures, conducting public events, trainings, etc.

–          Forced sterilization. I’m against such practice, since I believe it violates fundamental human rights.

–          Free condoms and lubes distribution, free and high-quality medical and consultational services. I guess, this approach can be considered one of the most effective and not violating human rights

However, the most important factor to stop overpopulation is to advance human rights and especially the rights of women. If women are emancipated, they will more actively participate in workforce.

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