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Kyrgyz Indigo has conducted a winter camp on security and coping strategies in Kashka-Suu.

On the first day participants were introduced to each other, designed important rules of conduct, played a game “Winter blows”, divided roles among themselves and started to paint their T-shirts. The roles were divided into the following categories:

  • Time keeper
  • Photographer
  • Typing machine (Person, who typed key ideas and stories)
  • Consitutionalist (Person, who was responsible for rules of conduct to be implemented)
  • Translators
  • Cleaners
  • Alarm clocks (People, who were responsible for waking up everybody in the morning on time)
  • Energizer (person, who responsible for games)

On the second day we had 4 major sessions:

  1. Personal security

The presentation and group discussions were aimed at discussing the following issues: How to protect yourself from thieves? How to avoid becoming the victim of an attack in the street? How to protect yourself in the public transportation? How to protect yourself from fraud? How to drink without getting drunk?

  1. Psychological security

Participants learned to cope with a strong fear and/or panic.

  1. Basics of self-defense

We discussed self-defense instruments: what is better and more effective? And vulnerable point of human’s body. Participants were introduced to self-defense technique based on Krav Maga.

  1. Interaction with the police

Presentation gave information to the participants on what to do if arrested? which rights do we have? What are the responsibilities and rights of the police?

The third day included three sessions:

  1. Informational security and internet

We discussed the following issues: How to protect the computer from unauthorized access to private information? How to protect your important files with a password? How to protect yourself from online fraud? How to protect yourself and stay anonymous when using e-mail, instant messengers, online dating web-sites and social networks?

  1. First aid

How, when, why should we provide first aid? What are the responsibilities of the person, who provides first aid.

  1. Rights of human rights defenders

Which rights do human rights defenders have? What can human rights activists and defenders do in the case of a dangerous situation? – these and other questions were answered during the session.

On the last day participants gave both written and oral feedback, they were also given official certificates. Moreover, those guys, who performed their roles, were given letters of thanks and the most active participants got special prizes.

We had an amazing time together!