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Have you heard about the anti-choice bill that was just introduced in the New Mexico state legislature? You know, the one that purports to “deter sex offenders” and “protect women” by making it a federal offense for providers to perform abortions on women who are pregnant as the result of rape because to do so would be tantamount to “tampering with evidence? Because apparently the bodies of rape survivors aren’t bodies, they’re crime scenes.

Deeeeep breath.

Can New Mexico stop trying to pretend like it cares about prosecuting rapists when they often leave untested rape kits sitting around for months at a time? Forcing rape survivors to carry pregnancies to term as “evidence” isn’t gonna deter rapists, it’s gonna deter women from reporting rapists. Like, come on. Are you kidding me, New Mexico?

At least Personhood Amendments and 20-week bans are upfront about how flagrantly anti-woman they are. This whole purporting-to-give-a-hoot-about-prosecuting-rapists charade is just insulting.

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  • http://stfuprolife.tumblr.com Hannah Le

    The “evidence” can be found in the aborted fetuses. Forcing rape victims to continue their pregnancies will do nothing but result in an actualized child. In many states, rapists have a right to the resulting child especially if it’s (in most cases) unreported or a fallen case. This means the rapists have a new way to enter into their victims’ lives.