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Immigration has taken a huge toll in my life. I was brought to America when I was three months old, so I basically had no say. My parents were lucky enough to find employment that didn’t require proof of citizenship, but it didn’t stop their fear of having to drive without a license and risking getting pulled over. Money was always a problem, and the feeling of being powerless caused a lot of emotional problems in my family as well.

My sister, at the age of 18, got married to a citizen and became a citizen in less than three years. After she got all her documents, she asked for my parents. It took 3 years for them to become permanent residents; their citizenship should be coming next year. My parents asked for me, but we haven’t heard a response, so we applied for the dream act, and lucky I got it.

Now, the point of this post isn’t the story of my families immigration struggle, it’s about how even though I now have a status in America (the dream act), I still feel powerless because I am closeted lesbian to my parents. If I ever decided to come out to them, they would kick me out the house and tell me to never talk to them until I become “normal”.

I need them to get my papers so I can be able to apply for college, create a profession for myself, and live in peace (not having fear of deportation), but I won’t get them if my parents find out I’m a lesbian. I depend on them too much, and it’s truly unfair that my dreams can’t happen unless I stay in the closet. I can’t get my license, I can’t work, and I can’t apply for colleges or scholarships. It devastates me. I wish I could apply for my papers on my own. I’ll do anything for them! Ill save up the money and do all the work if it means I can get my papers and be who I am and most importantly, be happy.

As of right now, I’m dealing with the hurt of hiding myself until I get my papers. Once I receive them, I’ll finally be able to go to the college of my dreams and pursue my goals being who I am and my parents not being able to stop me. I say that’s my American dream.

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  • Lisa

    Powerful story! I wish the system worked better in your favor :( Keep fighting and dreaming big!!

    • Dinoraquel27

      Thank you so much :/ But I still have hope!

  • andiiviveros

    Hang in there, Lil’ D!

  • BB

    Damn i got to say that’s one hell of dream kido and i really hope one day you can live it and finally be truly independent but no matter what know that your voice and your words hold a greater power than all but anyway your truly inspirational and you’ve impacted to me and you Raquel are part of my story and i miss you but your busy and i’m proud of you…. i’m so damn proud of you so never give up lil mama love you xoxo