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After months of registering people to vote, making calls and knocking on doors to get out the youth vote and following the debates closely, I have found voter outreach to be some of the most satisfying youth organizing work I have ever done. Seeing people who support LGBTQ equality and evidence-based sex ed get elected or reelected, from Barack Obama to local races, was an amazing win for progressives and young people. This diverse agenda in which many different groups of people can move forward together will be positive for our century.

This work was also incredibly enriching because of where I live. My home is El Paso, Texas. This amazing sits on the border with Mexico and is a truly unique place to live. I’m proud to have helped to turn out my peers – young people and Latinos who made their voice heard in this election on issues that matter to them.

I am particularly happy with how I think the reproductive justice movement will progress. As a strong supporter of women’s rights I believe access to contraceptives and family planning is vital for a women to succeed in our modern society and essential to create equal opportunity for working mothers and women who chose to wait to start families or not at all.

When Florida voters rejected a proposal to ban the use of public funds for abortion or insurance coverage for the service was a clear victory for pro-choice advocates everywhere. As a Texan, I will continue to advocate for the importance of safe access to abortion and comprehensive sexual education.

This election has set a new tone for how society really views issues such as LGBTQ equality, ethnicity, abortion and the economy. As a young person I don’t think I will ever trade in my progressive values – no matter how old I get. I live in a generation where equality and open mindedness is not only respected, but practiced. As I grow older these values will become ingrained in all of us and we will continue to pass them on to our children and peers for generations to come.

  • http://www.facebook.com/garrettmize Garrett Mize

    Deborah – I am SOOOOOOO impressed by the work y’all accomplished leading up to the election. Great post!