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My last post I shared some interesting information about the female body.  I went and found some interesting information about the male body, that I now share with you.

Just as informative as I found the information about the female body, I also found this to be a good read for all my peers and for those who it will be shared with.

Again, HAPPY READING and please share the info with your network.



 Men’s/guy’s bodies allow men to enjoy pleasurable sexual feelings, have sexual intercourse …

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So, I was doing my usual reading online and I came across some information – some very interesting information about the females’ body.

I found this to be a good read, but not many people know how the females’ body works nor can even identify the females’ body parts properly.


A woman’s/girl’s body can give her pleasurable sexual feelings, allow her to have sexual intercourse, have orgasms, become pregnant and give birth. Any girl who has begun her period can become pregnant if sperm fertilizes one of …

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Chlamydia is one of the most common STIs and it can have serious long-term effects. But, if properly treated, Chlamydia can be cured.


Gonorrhea aka “The Clap” is a common STI that can be cured with antibiotics. If not treated early, it can seriously affect your health and, like Chlamydia, may cause infertility. It usually takes three to five days for symptoms of gonorrhea to appear.


Syphilis is a very serious STI that is passed from one person to another through unprotected oral, anal or vaginal …

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Human Rights


Human rights are fundamental rights and freedoms to which every human being is entitled. These rights include individual, political, civil, spiritual, social, economic and cultural rights that help us to develop to our fullest potential.

Human rights are universal – they apply to all people, everywhere. You do not have human rights because of your citizenship, race, sex, language, or religion, but because you are a human being. They are also indivisible – no rights are more important than others. You cannot be granted only some …

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A few weeks ago on a radio programme, I contributed to a discussion surrounding the matter of “the reintegration of pregnant teens into schools”.

I am sure many of my peers and the general public will have different views on the topic……!

I am all for these young mothers to be given the opportunity to finish/continue their studies.  But allowing these girls to continue school are we agreeing the their act or even talking about sex to teens really telling them it’s ok to have sex………..well I am sure …

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In 2011, the sexual practice of 44% of men reported with HIV (and 41% of men reported with AIDS) was unknown. This is due to inadequate investigation and reporting of cases as well as unwillingness among men who engage in sex with other men to disclose their sexual practices. Of the total number of men reported with HIV, 4% (595) were identified as Bisexual and 3.5% (494) identified as Homosexual.


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Safer Sex week (SSW) February 10- 16, 2013 under the theme: ‘Don’t guess….take the test!!!’…