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This week is National No Name Calling Week. Some students at a school I teach at made an event on facebook and then did things around campus to bring awareness to the impact of bullying at school.


Some had students write things they have been called on pieces of paper and crumpled them up and threw them into the “box of insults”.


Others wrote compliments on post it notes and put them up around the entire school. Many were on lockers and students really loved the nice message a week before finals.


Yet others had students sign a pledge to not call others names and to intervene (when safe) if they saw someone else being teased.


After all this the facebook event exploded with thousands of invites and spread outside of the state and outside of the US! What an overwhelming response.

I wonder, have any of you ever done something like this? Any other ideas of how to honor this day? What else do you think we should do?

Facebook event can be found here:



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