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Hey guys, I’m back with my second edition of my story this goes to all the parents all around the world…

…..wait this is also for everyone, we will all become parents one day won’t we?

Growing up was silent and painful for me, I hated times when we were on holidays, we had no one to keep my junior sister and I company while everyone left for work. We were left alone under the care of a family friend who lived with us for over four years starting from when I was 8years old, and all through those years he had sex with me every day (all those days when no one was at home) it was always painful and became a routine and the worse part of it this was that I couldn’t tell anyone this. my mum was strict and never told us anything about our sexual health or sex education. I didn’t even know what sex was or what the sex organs were called I could only tell that what was happening to me at that time were the worse days of my life. I really wished someone had told me what sex was then, I would have at least known what to do but I was totally blank ignorant.

I became silent about almost everything in my life, I never talked to anyone about any issues the experience I had, I hated anything that had to do with sex (till date), and I never wanted to go hang out with anyone or interact with anyone and worse of all I hated men.

And then of course I grew up  feeling inferior and looked at myself and wondered if I was going to face this trauma for the rest of my life, I always kept to myself no matter how hard they tried to persuade me to let out my feelings, and that was why a lot of things went wrong while I was growing because there was no one to put me through and all the same I learnt about my sexual reproductive health from the wrong source and got the wrong ideas.

Parents are you watching your children? Do you trust the people you hand your children to? Or do you leave them at home alone or with the house keeper help? Do you give them the right information they need? Or leave them blank just like my mother did?

If you are a parent you need to watch your child very closely, notice any change in him or her, talk to him or her very often find out what is going on in their lives don’t just leave them in the hands of someone else.

Raising your child is your responsibility, no one can do it better than you and if so it will be done the wrong way.

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  • Okikiola

    touching story, hope parents learn and take a cue from this,also i think its high time children, teens and youths started speaking up you know, when anything happens, speak up even if you cant share it with your parents or guardians because of their strict nature, you can always come on social platforms like this to speak up and share your problem even if it has to be anonymously , a problem shared is a problem half solved.

    • christiana

      well as advocates that we are it is our responsibility to encourage youths like us to speak up and let our voices be heard

  • kiki

    Waoh! Thank you for sharing your story. I can sorta like relate to this. I really do hope parents will realize that part of their responsibility is to empower their kids with the right information about sex and speaking out about these issues.

    • christiana

      yes that will be a great idea we should encourage parents to speak with their regularly and also give the right information nowadays no child is to small to know the truth