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There is a lot of controversy and debate about school systems and the sexual health education being taught to students. Some schools are reportedly being biased to certain sexual orientations. Some schools are incorrectly educating the actual anatomy and physiology of the female sexual organs. Homosexual teens are being told to seek help and counseling for being openly gay but those who admit to being sexually active aren’t. One School is reported as sharing in a health class that,(and I paraphrase) “If you get AIDs you will die and that’s all we know.” Many parents are logically upset … so what do you think? Is it more the parents or the public school’s responsibility to teach young people about sexual health education? Just like the term, “It takes a village to raise a child”, well I believe it is the responsibility of everyone to make sure young people have all of the necessary information to make informed decisions about sex, sexual health, and sexual relationships. I vote YES to comprehensive sex education at every grade level!

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