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A lot has happened since I wrote about the Gender Non-Specific Housing Campaign happening at UNC!

Gender Non-Specific Housing has been approved at UNC!!!!

So how did it happen?

Here’s a brief  sequence of events:

The Gender Non-Specific Housing Campaign after much effort succeeded in getting an opportunity to present to the University Affairs committee of the UNC Board of Trustee (BOT), which deals with all that is happening at UNC.

Once the date to present was secured, November. 15th, our efforts doubled to make sure that we could …

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On Wednesday, October 17th the Healthy Masculinity Summit kicked off. It’s the first conference of its kind, whose aim is to start a conversation around what healthy masculinity means. Organizations such as the Men Can Stop Rape, Advocates for Youth, and the Verizon Foundation came together to pull this off.

As I reflect on this question I think that it’s ok for all of us to have our own definitions of masculinity, as long as it is healthy, considerate of others, and is not violent or demeaning …

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On Monday, October 15th it was the 10th year anniversary of National Latino AIDS Awareness Day. It was founded on Oct. 15th, 2003 to end the Hispanic Heritage Month national celebration.

It is an important day because it gives us the opportunity to be in solidarity with all of those who are infected with AIDS and at at the same time makes us reflect on the fact that there is still much more to do to irradiate AIDS.

Latinos are disproportionally affected by AIDS and this is a …

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On Wednesday, September 27th , the UNC- Chapel Hill Gender Non-Specific Housing Coalition (UNC GNH) kicked-off its campaign to make UNC offer students gender non-specific housing. We had the UNC Wordsmiths, a spoken-word group perform. We will be in the Pit, where almost all students pass thru, every wednesday which we have labeled “Creative Wednesdays” as every week there will be performances from student groups in favor of Gender Non-Specific Housing.

As a leading academic and innovative university in the state of North Carolina and in the Nation, it …

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The last few days have been extraordinary! And proof that the power of youth is great and that we can accomplish anything we set our minds to.

You might have heard on Friday, June 15 that President Obama granted deferred action to undocumented students. This announcement came after almost four years of the worst presidential record on the history of immigration.

It came after students staged sit-ins in congressional offices, hunger strikes, lobbying members of Congress, and more sit-ins, in Obama for America offices. And it might have helped …

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Good ol’ family. They are supposed to be there for you during the good times and bad times. They are suppose to nurture you and give you the best opportunities, right?

I believe that and i’m sure most of you believe that!

But a thing that is different from culture to culture is the way in which cultures talk or teach about sex. Some cultures are more open to talking about sex and protection. An example of this is the American culture. Many of my friends have had parents …