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Kwa Gaston

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‘I am tired of being ill-treated and falsely accused of being mentally ill and being treated with such scorn because of rumours that I am an HIV sero positive patient.’ These  are some of the words left behind by Emmanuel Eyo in the early days of the year 2013. A 30 year-old Cameroonian young man, Emmanuel tired of life and committed suicide by throwing himself into the Wouri river- one of Cameroon’s most renowned and  dangerous rivers.- in the early days of the year 2013.

Tired of being  stigmatized …

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It’s the New Year and as 2013 begins in most parts of the world, loved ones and people  you are in anyway close to express their wishes   for you in diverse ways. One popular way of expressing  wishes to others for the  New Year is through greetings cards and I did receive quite a good number of them this year. Unlike in the past years, I decided to make a careful study of the messages on these greetings cards. ‘This Guy is crazy!’, is the thought that might be …