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On Valentines Day my daughter, Leilani, and I participated in a Flash Mob as part of the One Billion Raising Movement. We danced together and along side hundreds of women to end violence against women.

At first I tried looking for a baby sitter to watch her while I went but then I realized that this event, the movement, was happening with and for ALL women regardless of age. Having her come with me was what was suppose to happen.
I explained to her very clearly and honestly why we were dancing and why billions of other women around the world were dancing. She knows about Malala, Hilary Clinton and how a lot of women have and continue to get hurt just for being women, using their voices, and doing everyday things.
Educating the little ones about life, social justice, acceptance, and advocacy is essential and the best way to do this is through action.
On Valentines Day we rose together for all the mothers and daughters that can’t rise together. We rose together to feel empowered. We rose to let the world know that women of all ages matter do not condone violence and want it to end.  We rose because it is our responsibility as women to rise.
I  looked down at my little girl’s cold flush face, smiled at her dancing with a crowd of hundreds of women and looked up into the sky. At that moment I realized, we are all rising. Together.

  • BrittanyYWOCLC

    This experience touched me. I had an amazing experience on One Billion Rising also. And congrats on becoming a blogger for Advocates Gloria!! Happy that you are a part of the team.

  • Ndan.anderson

    Am I crazy? This story literally made me tear up. You are such an awesome mom!!