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It’s a tough question we each get year to year – what’s on your holiday wish list? Have you been naughty or nice? As the years have gone on, it amazes me how our lists have changed. From asking for easy bake ovens and G.I. joes to asking for new socks and a nice pair of work shoes, the evolution of our wish lists strongly reflects what point we’re at in our lives. So, why is it then, that once we’ve come to terms with the fact that we’re no longer asking for Lego’s and instead hoping to get practical daily use items, don’t we ask for condoms?

I mean, think about it – a box of condoms is a) easy to wrap b) often includes more than one gift in the box and c) makes sense! It wasn’t until I did a holiday condom distribution of candy canes and condoms that I realized just how many people out there want condoms, but are just too shy to ask. So while we may be comfortable this season asking for cameras, an ice scraper, a t-shirt, let’s think about what our friends, family, and community REALLY need – protection and education. So go ahead, give it a shot. Condoms can be great white elephant gifts and stocking stuffers, and you never know just how thankful the recipient may be! Include factual information and fun facts – spread knowledge while keeping someone safe over the holidays.

Candy canes and condoms – to prevent the spread of STI’s, and to spread holiday cheer!


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